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Since sushi involves raw fish, it is of the utmost importance that only the freshest ingredients are used. Korean BBQ House makes sure to source the freshest seafood available and hires professional sushi chefs to make sure the product is handled with care. Sushi is simple but elegant, and it is necessary to treat the ingredients in an appropriate manner to produce the best sushi possible.

Korean BBQ House has an extensive menu of fresh, delicious sushi for their customers to choose from. They offer traditional sushi rolls, nigiri, and sashimi. Don’t know what the differences are? Here’s an explanation:

● Sushi Roll—Tradition sushi rolls are made with sushi rice and fresh fish wrapped in nori (or seaweed). The cylindrical shape of traditional sushi rolls is crafted by using a bamboo mat.

● Nigiri—Nigiri, like sushi, uses sushi rice. Sushi rice is hand-pressed into a ball, and the fresh fish is placed on top.

● Sashimi—Unlike sushi rolls and nigiri, sashimi does not use sushi rice. The raw fish is thinly sliced and offered on a plate.

Korean BBQ House offers individual and all you can eat options to fill any size sushi craving that their customers might have. Fill up on sushi rolls, or take it easy with 2-piece nigiri options. And, make sure to check out the sake menu to complete the perfect meal!

Korean BBQ House has a great option to fit every person’s tastes buds. Whether it’s the extra bite offered by the sushi rice in sushi rolls and nigiri, or the simple elegance of sashimi, Korean BBQ House is the best sushi restaurant in the Albuquerque, NM area. Fill that sushi craving today!