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One of the best things about America being a melting pot of cultures is all of the delicious food available here. Korean food is packed with flavor and will surely thrill the taste buds. Korean BBQ House takes pride in cooking authentic Korean food.

Here are some of the many dishes found at Korean BBQ House:

● Kalbi—Kalbi is Korean BBQ short ribs. The short ribs are marinated in a Korean soy sauce called ganjang which makes the meat tender, not to mention delicious!

● Kimchi—Kimchi is actually the national dish of South Korea! Kimchi is a fermented cabbage side dish that is both spicy and sour. It is eaten with just about every meal.

● Bulgogi—Bulgogi is grilled marinated meat. The meat is thinly sliced and marinated in a ganjang-cased marinade to make it tender. Once the meat is marinated, it is cooked using traditional grilling techniques using gridiron grills. The meat can be beef, squid, or chicken.

● Samkupsal—Samkupsal is pork belly that has not been marinated or seasoned prior to grilling. After it is grilled, it is traditionally dipped in sesame seed oil and enjoyed. Often, it is also wrapped in lettuce. The pork is not marinated or seasoned so that the true flavor of the pork meat can be enjoyed and appreciated.

● Bibimbob—Bibimbob means “mixed rice” in Korean. It is a stone-pot of rice topped with vegetables, an egg, and a choice of meat.

● Kimchi Jike—Kimchi jike is a stew-like dish prepared with kimchi, pork, and tofu.

Taste a bit of Korea by enjoying delicious Korean food at Korean BBQ House in Albuquerque, NM. Korean BBQ House can feed picky eaters by offering a familiar taste of BBQ in the bulgogi and kalbi. Or, for those more adventurous types, be sure to try the national dish of Korea by ordering delicious kimchi or kimchi jike. Try mouth-watering Korean food at Korean BBQ House today!