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Sushi | Korean BBQ House | Albuquerque, NM | (505) 338-2426
Since sushi involves raw fish, it is of the utmost importance that only the freshest ingredients are used...
Korean Food | Korean BBQ House | Albuquerque, NM | (505) 338-2426
One of the best things about America being a melting pot of cultures is all of the delicious food available here...
Japanese Food | Korean BBQ House | Albuquerque, NM | (505) 338-2426
A little more well known than Korean food, Japanese food is always a delicious choice! Korean BBQ House offers plenty...

When you eat at Korean BBQ House, you’ll get the most delicious Korean food you’ve ever tasted.

Welcome to Korean BBQ House

Korean BBQ House is a Korean restaurant located in Albuquerque, NM preparing fresh and authentic Korean BBQ every day! Are you craving delicious, tender BBQ meat with an Asian flare? Then, check out Korean BBQ House, and chow down on mouth-watering Korean BBQ, sushi, and other Japanese cuisine items.

Korean BBQ House is open for both lunch and dinner and fosters a warm and relaxing environment where you can enjoy a nice meal. Come on over to Korean BBQ House to eat the most delicious Korean food! Outdoor seating is available, so customers can enjoy a cool summer night eating great food and having great conversations with their friends and family.

Got a picky eater in the party? No problem! The menu offered at Korean BBQ House has a wide variety of choices, and any hungry patron is sure to find a dish to satiate his or her appetite! Korean BBQ House serves well-known staples like chicken teriyaki, traditional Korean food like bulgogi, and even fresh sushi.

The chefs at Korean BBQ House work hard to make sure only the highest quality food is served to their patrons. Authentic Korean recipes have been fine-tuned to make the most delectable dishes. The sushi chefs pick the freshest fish and serve beautiful, hand-crafted sushi and sashimi. Finish off the meal by ordering a drink from Korean BBQ House’s sake menu.

Satisfy that craving for Asian cuisine by going to Korean BBQ House today! Try the specialty Korean BBQ or pick a delicious meal from the Japanese food options. Whatever the customer wants, Korean BBQ House is ready to serve! Call Korean BBQ House today to make reservations, or just stop on by with family and friends!